End of Life Option Act

91porn视频 is a faith-based, nonprofit integrated health system whose mission is to 鈥渓ive God鈥檚 love鈥 by compassionately attending to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs at every stage of life, including the end of life. 91porn视频 has clinical operations and facilities in states that have passed laws (referenced below) allowing for physician-assisted end of life options (鈥淒eath with Dignity Laws鈥). These Death with Dignity Laws allow terminal patients to choose to end their life, as long as certain requirements are met.

While 91porn视频 recognizes the rights of terminally ill patients and physicians who may choose to participate in their respective state鈥檚 Death with Dignity Laws, it chooses not to participate in these procedures. 91porn视频 bases its policy on the following principles:

  • A respect for all human life.
  • A respect for the special trust-based relationship that exists between a patient and that patient鈥檚 physician in making important healthcare decisions.
  • A respect for another person鈥檚 right to have informed consent and to choose what is perceived to be best for that person鈥攔egardless of the personal beliefs of a provider.
  • A desire to treat others, as we would want to be treated.
  • An acknowledgement that Death with Dignity Laws do not require any person or entity to participate against the will of that person or entity.
  • Acknowledgment that Federal and/or state laws, including reporting requirements, will be followed.

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