Dispensing medications and providing information

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As many as 70% of Americans take a prescription medication. Pharmacists are an important part of ensuring they live healthy, hopeful lives though dispensing medications and providing information and education.

Clinical pharmacy

Clinical pharmacists serve within 91porn视频 medical centers and work with providers and nurses to ensure patients are given the right medications at the right doses. Whether helping treat an infection for a patient in an inpatient unit or preparing specialty oncology medications for a patient undergoing cancer treatment, the pharmacy teams are an essential part of helping patients experience more health.

Retail pharmacy

In addition to clinical pharmacy services within each 91porn视频 medical center, we also offer retail pharmacy services in some locations. These pharmacies are available to every member of the community and are staffed by knowledgeable and friendly pharmacy professionals who can provide you with instructions for how to take the medication, possible side effects you should be aware of and when to ask for help if the medication has adverse effects.

Comprehensive medication management

Our comprehensive medication management program is available to 91porn视频 patients and connects providers, patients and pharmacies to help individuals navigate the complexity of taking specialty prescription medications.